When talking about SEO to a developer you will more than likely get a look of contempt. Most web developers will generally know very little about the relationship between nice, readable, semantically correct HTML and SEO.

I have seen poorly structured sites kill off any hope of ranking a website correctly. SEO is not just about the content on a website, its about the structure of the HTML, how the website links together and how data is encapsulated within specific schema’s based on the type of data.

This is where you need an experienced SEO to take over. There are numerous we agencies that offer both web design and SEO who can bridge the gap between a developer knowing how to build a website and a developer knowing exactly what a website needs to be search engine friendly. One of these agencies is Teckle Digital an SEO Edinburgh agency.

Having spoken with Teckle Digital before we know exactly how good they are when it comes to both web development and providing SEO which works for all of their clients. Teckle Digital publish web development tutorials at (server being moved) and are looking to start doing SEO tutorials showing what is needed in HTML to make SEO easier and better for a client website.

If you are looking for guidance on on-page SEO techniques I recommend having a look at MOZ.

Codeigniter Tutorial

This is by far the best CodeIgniter tutorial to be found on YouTube. If PHP and CodeIgniter your thing then this video is a must watch.

PHP Framework – Codeigniter

PHP is the most used web development server side language, it is also the easiest to get started with. Websites as large as Facebook use PHP as it is versatile and can be scaled to deal with millions of requests per day with great ease.

Before you run off trying to develop a website for millions you need to learn the basics. Learning PHP and learning to use a PHP framework are two different tasks.

I would suggest learning PHP by learning a PHP framework, that way you don’t have the double learning curve which many new web developers find themselves dealing with. The easiest php framework to learn also has some of the best docs and tutorials by both the officials means and the community – that is the CodeIgniter framework and community.

Now, you have two options either you find some great free CodeIgniter tutorials like the one’s written by Coding Like a Sir (tutorials are written by Nathan from Teckle Digital, although the website does seem to be down now, Jan 2015)or you can pay a premium for web casts and courses provided by Tuts+ (Tuts+ is brought to you by Envato). When I first started developing using PHP I went down the free tutorials route and it was great, I have since gone on to develop websites used by millions. I always felt that bloggers that wrote tutorials were easier to speak to than dealing with a “faceless” web dev course provider – that’s just my opinion though.

Regardless of the option you choose, with PHP you will be able to do the standard Hello World within seconds and move on to building full dynamic websites, with checkouts, login and register functionality and what ever else you need!

If you want directions for more specific tutorials leave a comment below and I will respond with the best tutorials for your needs.

P.S Teckle Digital have since re positioned themselves as an SEO Edinburgh agency as well as Web Development.

Think Code TV – Web Design and Development Tutorials

Welcome to the BRAND NEW website dedicated to bring the best in web design and web development tutorials. We all start somewhere and most of us start watching tutorials to learn HTML, CSS and PHP – we want to take that a little further and give you all tutorials on basic, intermediate and advanced web development technologies.

We will be starting off with some basic HTML videos and moving to more advanced tutorials over the next couple of months. We hope to cover the likes of CodeIgniter, Laravel, Silex, Node.JS and WordPress in the close future.

If you have any web development tutorial requests then leave us a comment here.